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About Us

Talking Arts is a news and information section of the Theatre Now website.

Talking Arts expands the boundaries of Theatre Now to all areas of the arts. News, Interviews, Information and Reviews from all areas of the art world – music, sculpture, visual arts, theatre, film, TV.

Theatre Now
Theatre Now is driven by the need for a website in Sydney to provide information on all stage productions in Sydney – Independent and Main Stage. Rather than only list shows that have paid for the privileged. Hopefully (in time) there will be enough advertising revenue to make this a sustainable concept.

In this way there is a single site that theatre-goers can visit to find out what is on today, this weekend or any date they are looking for. We have also added a roundup of reviews for shows currently on if you want to get a quick overview.

Expression, Communication and Support – they are the keys to a richer, artistic future.


Important Notes

Featured listings and What’s Hot consist of paid listings, editors choice and/or productions fulfilling a predetermined set of criteria including but not limited to positive reviews, social media trending and high ticket sales.

We make every endeavour to ensure every main stage and independent theatre production in Sydney is listed.  If you find a show that we have missed – let us know and we will add it.

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