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Theatre now is the only site in Sydney that lists every show that is on. That’s right. If you click on “What’s On Today” you will see a list of shows on today. So iff you look on Monday you will not see as many show listed as you would is it was Saturday. That is because we want to make it very clear what is on, when you want to go. Use the calendar to choose a date. Use the “What’s on This Weekend” function. Plan your theatre experience.

If you are wanting to advertise your production or company, yu will soon realise that this site is the place everyone will be looking.

We are in our second year and we have got some pretty spectacular stats:

Each of our websites had over 4,000 unique visitors each in July 2017

The details of our packages are below. here is a summary:

  1. Production Ticket Giveaway [Free) – get noticed cheaply
  2. Featured production [$100] Get some attention
  3. Standard Advertising Package [$100] handy for non-theatrical advertising too.
  4. Banner Package [$150] A step up
  5. Deluxe Package [$150] Get seen by our interview and article readers as well
  6. Deluxe In-Line [$200] You will be noticed by our readers
  7. Ultimate Package [$250] Get exposure everywhere.

email with the package that you would like to purchase and we will send you an invoice.

If you want to promote your show or company, here are the option details:

1. Production Ticket Giveaway.

Promote your company by offering one or more double passes (family passes work better for children’s shows).

Email Send us the productions details, images and what dates you are offering the tickets for.

We find that a four week promotion is ideal. Anything under a week has minimal impact but will still get the word out there.

We will promote the ticket giveaway on our website and through our social media outlets (At January 31st we had over 5,300 followers)


2. Featured Production [$100 per month]

If you would like to make sure your show is on the first page people see then you want a featured production.

With a featured production you show will be listed on the front page of Theatre Now above What’s on today. It will sit with the productions that have been listed as “What’s Hot”. A way to get you show to stand out.

3. Standard Advertising Package [$100 per month]

If you have a company, class, tutorials, rehearsal space, product or anything that you think will appeal to our audience we can ut an advertising spot in the sidebar of every post, interview and article that we publish that month.

See the example on the right hand side of this post.

4. Banner Package [$150 per month]

Combine the Featured production package with a banner advert on the Theatre now home page. Get Seen!

5. Deluxe package [$150 per month]

Combine the Featured Production package and a Standard Advertising package for a huge exposure.

Front page of Theatre Now and a spot on the sidebar of every article and Interview in the month.

6. Deluxe plus in-line Package [$200 per month]

We will insert a line in the middle of a minimum of 1 in 5 articles and interviews posted in the month as well as everything in the Deluxe Package. They will have trouble missing this.

7. Ultimate Package [$250 per month]

  • A Banner Ad on Theatre now’s Home Page
  • A listing on the home page with the Featured and “What’s Hot” listings
  • A sidebar advert on every article, interview and post for the month.
  • An In-Line Ad in a minimum of 1 in every five interviews and articles we post in thew month.