Last week it was my pleasure to attend the opening night of Mauritius, Sure Foot Productions’ show being presented at the New Theatre. I was not invited as a reviewer and I know too many people in the cast/creatives to review the show, so this is simply a response to a night out at the theatre.

To start. Congrats to all involved. It is a good production. The pace of this show is perfect. Just as I thought I might be about to lose focus, it drew me back in. And tension in this play builds beautifully and this no mean feat when you consider its a play about stamp collecting. It is always hard to maintain a good balance between pace and tension but this is achieved with Mauritius. There were times when the production held that perfect ‘pin drop’ atmosphere – the audience totally consumed with the outcome of the scene before them. Could the comic moments be relished a little more – yes, could some of the actors explore more levels and push against type  – yes. But every actor on the stage had moments of brilliance and, in the end, we all left the theatre have watched a great story presented by some great acting and directing. Go and check out the show.

Lynden Jones