Smurf in Wanderland

David Williams

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20 – 29 April 2017


Performance Times
Wednesday – Saturday 7:30pm
Saturday 2pm


Venue: Riverside: Lennox Theatre
Theatre Company: Griffin Theatre Company in association with National Theatre of Parramatta

Duration: 110 mins (including interval)

David Williams – acclaimed documentary theatre maker, writer and football fanatic – is the ‘Smurf’. For the uninitiated, ‘Smurf’ is the nickname given to a Sydney Football Club fan.

During the 2013-14 A League football season, Williams, a long-suffering Sydney FC fan, frequented Western Sydney Wanderers’ games on their home turf in Parramatta. Kitted out in his Sydney FC sky-blue jersey, Williams-the-Smurf stuck out like a sore thumb amongst the sea of red and black. His presence caused bewilderment and banter, but none of the hooliganism that’s come to be associated with the game – he didn’t need to fear for his life.

Developed during Williams’ 2015 residency, Smurf in Wanderland is one man’s insightful and hilarious examination of football, tribalism, belonging and identity. It’s also a passionate defence of the fan – what it means to be a fan, the demonisation of fans and the artificial wedge that has been created between Sydney and its western suburbs.

“Williams [does] an excellent job distilling a range of views and laying them out for examination, warts and all.” – ArtsHub review of Quiet Faith


Director Lee Lewis
Composer James Brown
Dramaturg Kate Worsley
With David Williams