NosFeratutu…. It’s Bleeding Brilliant!
The lights dim, a lone ballerina emerges and the twinkling of keys tells us that Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake is about to begin. But there’s a problem. Kevin, a dark angel of the night, full of torment, pain and loss at the hands of a father who never truly understood his love of ….’The Dance,’ is waiting in the wings, ready for his next meal and an opportunity to shine. With warm blood too tasty to resist Kevin leaps, indulges and suddenly realises the dilemma. 
Who will perform the Ballet?
And why is everyone trying to get out of the theatre?
Welcome to the Vampiric domain of director Sheridan Harbridge and writer Tommy Bradson. Producer Virginia Hyam seems to be on a winner with this troupe of performers and creatives. 
Bradson is brilliant as the unrelenting, self-deprecating  Kevin. Torn between his desire to perform and his unquenchable thirst for blood he takes us on a journey of music, dance and family history. Harbridge  is delectable as the hapless usher, wanting to escape yet gingerly taking the opportunity to let her performance dreams flourish amid constant concerns that she will in fact be Kevin’s next meal. Her style as a director and her humorous sensibilities shine through and although Harbridge is not billed as a writer, the show very clearly has her stamp of comedy throughout it. Principal dancer Brandyn Kaczmarcyk is also hilarious as the slow- bleeding ‘Star’ of the hour. 
Other creatives should also not be forgotten. Alexander Berlage has done a fantastic job with the lighting. The theatricality of the moments are enlarged and he punctuates the music without resorting to cliches. 
Musical Director Steven Kreamer, cellist Sally Schinkel-Brown and violinist Olga Solar are fantastic. They were engaging, skilled and the balance between the two worlds didn’t clash or distract – A hard task to accomplish using live music in a small space.
Although my toes tapped and my belly laughed, I would have liked to have heard more singing. Some songs cut off early. There were also some sound issues that meant I missed some very miraculous notes from Harbridge and some gentle falsetto by Bradson. 
But if you love a bit of vaudeville, some existential spectacle and a cheeky blood-curdling scream or two, get to The Griffin tonight! 
Where: Griffin Theatre
When: 7th till 21st  Jan
Lee Anderson – Theatre Now and Talking Arts