After a sold-out premiere season last year, Return Fire Productions delight us again in February 2017 with the return of the tremendously popular comedy revue, Senior Moments.

Senior Moments features the “oldies” who “know better,” former Channel 9 Midday maestro Geoff Harvey on piano and a cast of veteran performers including Lex Marinos (Kingswood Country; The Slap), Benita Collings (Play School; Sleeping Beauty) and John Derum (The Aunty Jack Show; A Sentimental Bloke), with Nicola Parry (Thank God You’re Here, The Hallowmen) and Christian Barratt-Hill (The Jesters, Packed to the Rafters) as the “youngies” who “don’t know what they’re talking about.”

I chatted with Benita Collings and Geoff Harvey on all things Senior Moments in what was a fun and laugh-out loud conversation that is indicative of what audiences are in for!

“It’s a wonderful thing of old people doing things (generally speaking) in a certain way and younger people looking at it and thinking…why would you do it that way? There has to be an easier or quicker way.” Says Collings on Senior Moments.

Senior Moments

When asked about the role music plays to bring this show to life, Harvey tells me “I’m a lucky boy! There’s lots of music in the show, nearly every scene has music in it. For me, it’s great fun, I get to put on a dinner suit with a nice piano and watch all these lovely actors make me laugh.” Harvey continues to treat me with delightful phrases of “his time” and one in particular on what to expect from Senior Moments, he says “It’s what we used to call a thousand years ago…A Pleasant Sunday Afternoon. This is a pleasant revue. It’s entertaining with very talented people.”

There’s a charming and humorous look at young versus old in Senior Moments and contrary to that, what the young can learn from the old and vice versa. Benita gives an example from a scene where Nicola says to John Derum, “…payment by BPay and he says, what’s BPay?” John then hands Nicola a cheque and she says, “what’s that and he says it a cheque, a legal tender.” “The beaut thing is that younger people come to see the show and they relate.”

Senior Moments

Senior Moments features musical highlights like ‘I Am the Very Model of a Modern Age Retiree’ and sketches including Senior Mastermind and Old School (like Romper Room meets Play School). When asked about what we’ll see with Old School, Collings, not wanting to give too much away, tells me “it’s icy and delicious the way the writers have put it together.” There’s a short pause on the phone where I’m tempted to find out more but no, I resist and remain intrigued.

A cast of legends in radio, stage, television and film and chatting with two of them was an honour! I can’t wait to see the show and enjoy a ‘pleasant Sunday afternoon.’

This fresh and funny collection of senior moments, sketches and songs will come to Riverside Theatres, Parramatta from 9 February and the Concourse Theatre, Chatswood from 22 February.