The Inspection

Richie Black

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24 – 29 Jan 2017

Tue – Sat 8pm


Venue: Old 505 Theatre
Theatre Company: N/A

Duration: N/A

Today, Kate will be forced to defend her very existence. Or face eviction. She’s a normal chick (by any reasonable estimates) living her life a day at a time. No kids, few prospects and zero f*cks given.

But when the real estate agent comes knocking, she’s going to have to brace herself for judgement day.

‘Cos he’ll discover stuff – like the dirty laundry and messy kitchen. The blu-tac on her walls. And the orgy her Air BnB guest held in the bathroom. He’ll find out that her life is in chaos … and in this brave new world there’s no room for a girl who bucks (or f*cks) the system.
As The Inspection continues and events spiral out of control, Kate will be forced to justify her existence in an increasingly hostile universe defined by the rise of neo-conservatism, wine stains on the carpet and the oppressive expectations of a patriarchal order.

This is a angry gonzo, feminist satirical-thriller that flips the bird at the fascists who try to put us in boxes … and then insist on charging us rent.

A surreal farce, it is a brand new work created by emerging Sydney-based artists.

Ticket Prices
$35 Adults / $25 Concession & Under 30 / ‘Pay what you want’ Previews