“People want this kind of work. People thirst for this kind of recognition of real life. Yet we go on offering them Noel fucking Coward and domestic gag fests. It makes me furious” David Hare, Acting Up

Portraying 6 characters from very different backgrounds, the cast is a diverse cross section of fresh, dynamic local talent. With a young, rising director at the helm (Erin Taylor, SLUT) BU21 is a great chance to see the work of some of Sydney’s most exciting, emerging theatre artists.

BU21 is directed by Erin Taylor and designed by Tom Bannerman with lighting by Christopher Page and sound by Nate Edmondson.

The FULL CAST are: Jessica Belle-Keogh, Skyler Ellis, Emily Havea, Bardiya McKinnon, Whitney Richards and Jeremy Waters.

After the success of The Aliens and 4 Minutes 12 Seconds, BU21 continues Outhouse’s mission of producing new playwri1ng that engages with the challenges of our modern world.

BU21 is set against the backdrop of one of the most complex global challenges of our 1me. Terrorism- its threat and reality- has infiltrated our popular consciousness. Yet, in Australia, we rarely see theatre that addresses this phenomenon.

Playwright Stuart Slade says, “How would I cope if that sort of thing happened to me? The play is an attempt to understand how individuals will cope and how London might cope, both on a personal level, a political level and an emotional level.”

The fact that BU21 does so with sharp intelligence, huge dollops of humour and theatrical daring makes the play a unique achievement.

BU21 has been nominated for a 2016 ‘Offie’ Award for ‘Best New Play.’

Stuart Slade is an alumnus of that crucible of new British playwri1ng, Theatre 503, which
The Guardian called, ‘Arguably, the most important theatre in Britain today.’

This is the Australian premiere of Stuart’s work.

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Venue: The Old 505 Theatre, 5 Eliza Street, Newtown
Season: 8 February – 25 February
Times: Tues-Sat 8pm
Price: $40 Adult, $30 Concession and Under 30, Previews- ‘Pay What You Want’
Tickets: www.old505theatre.com