Osama The Hero

Dennis Kelly

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21 Jan – 4 Feb 2017

Tuesday – Saturday 8pm, Sunday 4pm


Theatre Company: Tooth and Sinew

Duration: N/A

“We cannot let people walk around saying and doing certain things, and he has been saying and doing certain things.”

A boy in London has to write an essay on a national hero. Someone he looks up to, someone who inspires him. He chooses Osama bin Laden.

And now something needs to be done about this boy.

When Osama the Hero premiered in 2005 in London, police were stationed at the doors of the theatre for fear of a violent backlash, and it remains horrifyingly relevant today. And now, presented by Tooth and Sinew, Kelly’s brutal depiction of violence and fear is explored in the intimate confines of the Kings Cross Theatre.

Director Richard Hilliar
Set and Costume Design Courtney Westbrook
Lighting Design Sian James Holland
Sound Design Tegan Nicholls

Tel Benjamin, Lynden Jones, Poppy Lynch, Joshua McElroy & Nicole Wineberg

OPENING NIGHT: Tuesday the 24th, January 2017

TIMES: Tuesday – Saturday 8pm, Sunday 4pm

TICKETS: Full $30, Concession (Students and Seniors) $25, Previews $20

Ticket Prices
Full $30, Concession (Students and Seniors) $25, Previews $20

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