Tom Ballard: Boundless Plains To Share

Tom Ballard

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13 – 15 JANUARY 2017

Friday & Saturday 9.30pm
Sunday 2pm & 7pm


Venue: Belvoir: Upstairs Theatre
Theatre Company: Presented by the Brian McCarthy Moosehead Awards

Duration: N/A

The little-known second verse of the Australian national anthem claims that we have ‘boundless plains to share’, but boat arrivals, Christmas Island, Nauru, mandatory detention and abject human misery have made a liar of the tune, and comedian Tom Ballard (2016 Helpmann Award Winner for Best Comedy Performer, shortlisted for the 2016 Annual Edinburgh Comedy Award) has some things to say about it. Funny, furious and close-to-the-bone, you’ve not experienced advancing Australia fair quite like this before.

Tom’s a great comedian, we know that, but also a deep thinker and lover of storytelling – and in this show he pours all of it into a charming and funny act of fury. – Eamon.


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