Julius Caesar

William Shakespeare

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14 – 29 Jan 2017

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Venue: Everglades Garden Theatre
Theatre Company: Sport For Jove

Duration: N/A

In Rep with Antony and Cleopatra

Julius Caesar and Antony and Cleopatra are two of his greatest plays – famed for their clarity, political modernity, poetry and their extraordinary pantheon of characters, real men and women who defined the very pulse of their age and who are rekindled in the possibilities of every political leader and every political machination of the 21st Century. Julius Caesar, Cleopatra, Mark Antony, Augustus, Portia, Cassius, Brutus, Agrippa. Their rise and thunderous fall threw down to us a set of challenges we may never master. How do we lead a nation? How do we follow a leader? What sparks revolution? What suppresses it? What price freedom…?

And as the merry-go-round of the Australian Prime Ministership has shown in recent years, politics is as personal as life itself. Love, hate, betrayal, sacrifice, lust, confusion, tyranny – power is a fragile house of cards and every nation stands in its trembling shadow.

Join us outdoors this summer for a rampaging look at Rome’s eternal lessons for our contemporary lives.

Julius Caesar
Imagine a republic where absolute power is about to rest in the hands of a dangerous individual – charismatic, ambitious, increasingly narcissistic, paranoid and wildly popular. Each day brings greater fame, and with it, greater political immunity.

“Tell me, good Brutus, can you see your face?”

Do you dare incite change yourself? What if it means violence? Is there another way? Would you bloody your hands for freedom?

Shakespeare looks to the classical past for lessons about his present and finds challenges for our future, even today. How does a country recognise when it stands on the brink? What does it do about it?

Sport for Jove takes a simple, timeless approach to this great play, focused entirely on its streamlined and passionate language and its powerful arguments, letting you draw your own conclusions about the bloody mess we make when ambition, mercy, revolution and idealism clash.

“How many ages hence shall this, our lofty scene, be acted over in states unborn and accents yet unknown?”



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Children under 9 free