When we think about heading out for an evening in Leichardt, many of us would be looking forward to a delightful Italian meal and a perfectly brewed cappuccino….but seeing a Vaudeville production in a 97 year old Spiegel Tent? We can only dream…until now.

Vass Productions and Kermond Creative have created a fusion of Circus and Neo Vaudeville that will scoop you up and carry you away on a 1920’s Cabaret romp.

The SPIEGEL ZELT, one of the most beautiful and oldest remaining Spiegeltents in the world, is magnificent. I’m greeted at the door by two delightful young men in waistcoats, and ushered into the theatre. The energy inside the “Tent of Mirrors” is electrifying…and the show hasn’t even began yet.

We open the show with a waiter’s slapstick hustle and bustle routine, brought to you by the unmatchable Shuffle Brothers. We then meet our host for the evening “Vayne” as a strong ensemble of dancing girls and boys in waistcoats join him. We know we are in very capable hands with the Lazzi style lovable larrikin as our guide.

The show is organized chaos. We’re straight into the action with a rock’n roll version of a well loved 90’s number, and are then presented with a sultry Jessica Rabbit style number. Out of nowhere, our shimmy Girl, Lola, explodes onto the stage, and we are then hit with some classical strip tease from Betty the balloon girl. The fusion of classical Burlesque and modern rock may sound a little off, but this astoundingly talented cast pull it off flawlessly.

It’s all a bit of fun. A great Can Can Routine here, a tongue in cheek Madonna reference there… and a cheeky stab at some audience members from the Northern Beaches. If you’re hoping to see a show where you can sit back and relax….stay away. This production will have you leaning in, wanting more, and if you’re not one for being part of the action…sorry darling…stay home and open up that packet of Tim Tams, because this show is keeping it vaudeville with some audience participation!

The absolute highlights of this production are: the shuffle brothers, they are electric and talented, whilst being wildly charming, a Trapeze number so romantic it will take your breath away, and Wayne Scott Kermond’s final number, which, after all the slapstick and joking around, will have you close to tears. Oh! And we shall not forget to mention the delightful Mr Andrew Freeborn on the piano. Look forward to his quirky little solo…

All in all, a tight production with an electric atmosphere, in one of the most beautiful and charming theatre to still grace our green earth.

Hannie Raegan – Theatre Now and Talking Arts
Miss Burlesque Idol Sydney 2016 and Burlesque Idol Australia Ambassador