New Theatre is teaming up with acclaimed children’s show producer Em’s Entertainment to present two shows in January: Wombat’s Wild Weekend and The Dinosaur Show.
Both shows are ideal for 1 – 7 year olds, and great summer fun at affordable prices for all the family to enjoy.

Wombat from the ‘Big Smoke’ goes on an Aussie outback adventure, only to run into a sneaky Bower Bird who seems intent on ruining his weekend getaway by stealing all his socks!
Join Wombat and his new-found friends: Koala, Kookaburra, Dingo and Joey the Kangaroo as they band together to stop the pesky thief.
“The performance was just fantastic in every way! It excited the children and got their imaginations working. Every child must have this experience!” Rebecca – Santa Sabina OOSHC
Written by Wayne Tunks, directed by Emma Louise, performed by Shondelle Pratt
SEASON: 9 – 14 January   
PERFORMANCES: Mon – Fri 10:30am; Sat 10:30am & 1:00pm
TICKETS: $18 / $65 family pass (4 people)   


Tapejara the Pterosaur (‘Tappy’) is on a mission to find out who is stealing the dinosaur eggs.

To solve the mystery, Tappy enlists the help of his friends: Nina, the dancing dinosaur; Diploducs the life-saver (because we all know that dinosaurs can’t swim); T-Rex and Spinosaurus, the hilarious squabbling puppets; Struthimomius, the fastest dinosaur of them all; Supersaurus, a big show-off who really gets the audience rocking; Triceretops, a cool, laid-back blues singer; and the sneaky menace, Cylophesis.
 “A fantastic show! We all thoroughly enjoyed it. It was great to see the children having so much fun. Highly recommended!” Sarah – St Stephens Kindergarten
Written by Julie Zommers, directed by Emma Louise, performed by Clare Wall

SEASON: 16 – 21 January    
PERFORMANCES: Mon – Sat 10:30am
TICKETS: $18 / $65 family pass (4 people)   

At a running time of 40 minutes, both these shows are created with a young audience in mind: engaging, interactive, and filled with songs, music, movement and humour.
Em’s Entertainment has been producing shows for pre-school and primary children since 2008, delighting thousands of young audiences in that time. Visit for more information and testimonials.