Award-winning actor Kate Mulvany (The Literati and Tartuffe) will play one of the most ambitious and gleefully amoral villains ever written. 
First performed around 1593, Richard 3 is the portrait of a Machiavellian psychopath, a cold-blooded and dastardly manipulator who slaughters his family, marries his victim’s widow and eventually betrays his allies, all in his quest to become king. His hunchbacked deformity masks his seething malevolence. 
Artistic Director Peter Evans continues to daringly re-imagine Shakespeare’s works with a boldness and unexpectedness that will leave audiences breathless. The blood-soaked and naked ambition of Richard 3, who leaves scores dead and only the ghosts to whisper the truth, will be a truly thrilling night at the theatre. 
Director Peter Evans Designer Anna Cordingley Lighting Designer Benjamin Cisterne Composer Steve Toulmin Assistant Director/Movement & Fight Director Nigel Poulton Voice Coach Jess Chambers. 
With Kate MulvanyGareth ReevesIvan DonatoRose RileyJames LugtonMeredith PenmanJames Evans,  Sandy GoreKevin Maclsaac and Sarah Woods.

Sydney Opera House       

Previews  Saturday 25 February, Sunday 26 February & Tuesday 28 February 
Season Wednesday 1 March to April 1 
Ticket prices + booking fees Previews $45, Groups 8 plus $45 – 78,  Under 30, Sunday – Wednesday $35 – $30, under 18 – $35 – $45,  Concession, $45 – $78,Standard $50 – $92 
Box Office: 02 9250