My emotions were intensified. A creepy and enjoyable experience.” Ben Smith, Beat Magazine, Anywhere Festival ’16

“It is up to your own imagination to decide how far you go into the darkest corners of your mind.”  Myron My, Theatre press, Melbourne Fringe 2016

Care to join an eccentric storyteller with 13 strangers to hear a peculiar tale? Are you brave enough to peek beneath the blindfold?

The Curiosity Experiment is an interactive ghost story that sees 13 strangers sitting around a table – blindfolded. Listen closely as the Eccentric Host of the evening tells a tale that has been passed down the generations, of a supernatural experience that he himself was part of as a child. Following the premise that “An antique can communicate memories of the past” The Curiosity Experiment is an interactive event with a theatrical flair, old fashion radio-play and most importantly the audience’s own imagination.

After presenting “Accomplice” by Rupert Holmes (earning him Best Director and Outstanding Community Theatre Production at The Gold Coast Theatre Area Awards in 2015) Nathan Schulz founded ‘Nathan Schulz Presents’ theatre company in 2015. Continuing with the notion of intimate spaces and audience involvement – NSP went on to showcase “Lights Out”- a series of Ghost Stories by candlelight for Brisbane’s Anywhere Festival.

Looking for another mind-bending story for audiences to experience, 2016 saw the birth of The Curiosity Experiment. Out to create a unique theatrical experience, Schulz concentrates on the deprivation of sight during the performance to enhance the other senses and ignite the audience’s imagination – Heightening suspense and power of disbelief. First taking place at Brisbane’s Anywhere Festival, The Curiosity Experiment later continued to Melbourne Fringe Festival with a sold out season.

Schulz says “I wanted to achieve something new, something different, I wanted to go back to a time when people used their imagination. In this way, the audience gets to watch, listen, think and feel having all their senses engaged rather than merely being the observer in a detached way”.

With an invitation to Nathan Schulz Presents theatre company to take The Curiosity Experiment to the 2017 Adelaide Fringe, they have launched a pozible campaign as they need a little help transporting their 200-year-old gramophone to South Australia, also some help with the venue hire and the promotional costs to make sure everyone hears about the interactive ghost story experience.