Koala Joe – The Musical

By Markus Weber and Michael Summ

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16 to 28 January 2017

Monday – Friday 10:30 am and 1:00 pm
Saturdays @ 1pm


Venue: King Street Theatre
Theatre Company: EMU Productions

Duration: N/A


From the team/authors that brought you Jungle Book – The Musical now Koala Joe – The Musical arrives in Australia for its Australian Premiere season. Brought to you again by Author/Director Markus Weber and Composer Michael Summ, Koala Joe will take you on a mystical journey driven by the spirit of the Dreamtime in Australia, lives far away from home in a boarding school in Austria. He loves the Tyrolean Alps and his training as a downhill skier. But he is desperately homesick. One night, a mysterious messenger from the dream time comes to his aid:

“I am Yalunda – daughter of the Great Mother Eingana who once created everything. I am the water, the rocks, and the trees. I am a bird, the koala, a kangaroo and an emu too. I am the ancient bow Toon and the Boomerang. I’m Yalunda your sister and Yoola your brother too.”

Yalunda tells Joe to fly like the wind if he wants to get back home. He tries but crashes into the Australiana section of a zoo in Europe. There he befriends Matilda the Kangaroo, Cuddle, the Koala and the Emu. They are also very homesick. With the help of Jasmine, the orphan carer of the Australian animals, they plan to escape from the Zoo. So off they go. But there are lots of hurdles to conquer before they finally can make their way back home. There is the Zoo Warden who tries to stop them, the eerie Tunnel Spook and Mr M, the Master, who wants to turn Matilda into a boxing kangaroo . With courage and the help of Yalunda, will the new friends find their way home to Australia?

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Ticket Prices
Adult $25
Child/Concession $20
Groups 10 + $17