Angus Cerini

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29 Nov – 10 Dec 2016

Tue – Sat 10pm
Sun 7:30pm


Venue: Old Fitz Thetre (Late Show)
Theatre Company: N/A

Duration: aprox 50 min

A man struggles to understand his reality.

He sits alone in a room assailed by the world around him.

He does not know how to act, nor what impact his actions could possibly have. When he is faced with a situation that forces him to respond, what will it reveal? Probably nothing.

RESPLENDENCE, from award winning playwright Angus Cerini (The Bleeding Tree) is an expressionistic response to the world in which we live, and the very nature of existence – powerful, nonsensical and beyond our control.

Resplendence premiered at the MTC Neon Festival in 2014 and was awarded the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award in 2015.

Starring James O’Connell and Directed by Nathan Lovejoy


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