By Book by Jon Hartmere, Jr. and Damon Intrabartolo, lyrics by Hartmere and music by Intrabartolo

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30 Nov – 17 Dec 2016

Wed-Sat 8pm
Sun 5pm


Venue: Depot Theatre
Theatre Company: Supply Evolution
in association with The Depot Theatre

Duration: N/A

Bare follows a group of students at a Catholic boarding school as they grapple with issues of sexuality, identity, and the future. The show rings with the sounds of youthful repression and revolt. With a unique sung-through pop score, heart-pounding lyrics, and a cast of bright young characters; Bare is a provocative, fresh, and utterly honest look at the dangers of baring your soul, and the consequences of continuing to hide.

Director and Choreographer Hannah Barn
Producer Julian Batchelor

Cast includes Aaron Robuck, Sophie Perkins, Alex Jeans, Natalie Abbott, Timothy Langan, Teale Howie, Alexandra Lewtas, Caroline Oayda, Matt Laird, Stephanie McKenna, Ibrahim Matar, Tara Hanrahan, Annette Vitetta, Penny Larkins and Gavin Leahy


Ticket Prices
$49 Full | $42 Concession | $42 Students | $39 Previews