Theatre Now and Talking Arts hit the airways with Radio Playhouse.

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Theatre Now is excited to be involved with a new endeavour hitting Sydney airwaves this month. Radio Playhouse was launched on the 6th November 2016 on Triple H 100.1 FM. Its a a one hour weekly program of everything theatrical. Lynden Jones from Theatre Now will present what is opening in Sydney this week, the latest news a round up of reviews and interviews plus what has hot in Sydney right now.

Radio Playhouse commenced its on air season at 7pm on Sunday 5th. It will continue 7pm-8pm Sundays from 6 November 2016 and repeated 9pm-10pm Wednesdays, from 9 November 2016, a podcast will be available, thereafter the show will air weekly (link below)

Radio Playhouse presenter is Leofric Kingsford-Smith, Artistic Director is Stephen Carnell, Editor is Leof Kingsford-Smith and Leof & Stephen are co-producers.

To submit a play to Radio Playhouse (20 mins or less with 2-4 performers), or if you’d like to direct direct or perform, email Stephen or call 0418 255 440.

Podcast link for the week starting Sunday 6th November:


Keep watching and listening for this Sunday’s broadcast. We will post the link to the broadcast on the website and our Youtube channel link for Theatre Now’s Final Call.