Image: Rosita O’Keefe, Michael Bassingthwaite, Simon Hinton & Amanda Iannella

Media Release:

Merrigong Theatre Company is delighted to announce a new partnership with Peoplecare, a member owned, not-for-profit organization that puts its members first with all areas of health cover. Peoplecare will support Merrigong’s Young People’s Program in 2017. Michael Bassingthwaighte, CEO at Peoplecare said “It’s a wonderful community initiative to empower young people through the arts. There are a range of health benefits that can result from being creative. In general it helps reduce stress and strengthens the immune system as well as protects against depression and anxiety. For young people, it can boost self-confidence, increase concentration and shift the focus away from negative thoughts to the fun and positive.”

One area that Merrigong is very committed to is the positive impact that the arts has on children in relation to personal growth, group skills and social cohesion. We’re delighted that we can provide great education opportunities for students and teachers through our presentation of theatre works and workshops.

Simon Hinton, Artsitic Director & CEO for Merrigong Theatre expressed his excitement at Merrigong’s 2017 Season launch on Tuesday night by saying “He was delighted to be able to announce that in 2017 we have a new supporter with Peoplecare becoming the first partner of our Young People’s Program. We’re proud to be partnering with this local success story, an award-winning not-for-profit health insurance provider. I’d like to thank Peoplecare CEO Michael Bassingthwaite and his team for joining us in supporting the creative life of young people in our region.”

The support of Peoplecare in 2017 will ensure that Merrigong can continue with this commitment and focus for the youth of today here in the Illawarra.