Moonboy will present Musical of Thrones: a Comedy of Ice and Fire to audiences at the Adelaide Fringe Festival from 24th February until 26th February at The Parks Theatre, following the sold-out Sydney Fringe world premiere in 2016.

Written by Daniel Cullen, Musical of Thrones is a laugh-out-loud parody of HBO’s hit series, Game of Thrones, packing the punch of its source material while cranking silliness to the max. Musical of Thrones tells the story of a Northern family torn apart by a world of war, betrayal, and the boneheaded political savvy of its well-meaning patriarch, Ned Stark. We meet the Starks at Winterfell, a quaint, but shitty little village that they happily call home. But everything goes out the window when King Robert comes to town, including Bran, who spends half the show in a coma.

And so our story begins! Childhood trauma? Broken families? Grieving mothers-turned-grieving-widows? Classic comedy!

‘…ridiculous, awesome, funny and clever; everything you ever wanted in an indie musical.’

‘The writing is surprisingly witty, a lot of the best jokes are so subtle you almost miss them.’

‘… caught me so off guard I couldn’t help but laugh out loud.’ (The Buzz From Sydney)


‘I’m in absolute awe of Daniel Cullen’s multifaceted hand in this production (writer, composer, director and actor) and will be first to any more originals that he does: which I hope and am sure he will do!’ (Honi Soit)