The Bald Soprano

Eugene Ionesco

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9 – 13 November 2016

9-11 November, 11am and 8pm
12-13 November, 2pm and 8pm


Venue: PACT Theatre
Theatre Company: Twisted Tree Productions

Duration: N/A

It’s a proper British cocktail party, but nothing is going according to plan. Mrs and Mr Martin don’t recognise each other, the Smiths’ doorbell keeps ringing, and the maid mysteriously disappears. As London burns and the flames flicker higher, the ability to communicate and comprehend is crumbling too…

In equal parts witty and silly, with a splash of slapstick, this classic play from the Master of the Absurd is a dark, crackingly funny excursion into the limits and denial of language and logic.

Director – Kara McLaughlin

Starring – Hannah Bath,Richard Cornally, Sarah Farmer, Michael Gosden, Nell Nakkan and Liam Numan.


Ticket Prices
Adults $30 / Concession $20 / Groups of 6 $120.