MEAA responds to federal government’s decision to slashing of acting courses from VET eligibility

Media, Entertainment & Arts Alliance (MEAA) has responded to the federal government’s decision to axe 70% of courses from VET eligibility. Vet Fee-Help is a student loan scheme that is funded by the Commonwealth Government to assist eligible students in Diploma level and above courses.

According to MEAA, 553 out of 800 courses (70%) are to lose VET eligibility, “only 12 courses in the screen, music, media and design areas look like maintaining eligibility, unless the government heeds the industry’s calls to retain courses.”

The director of MEAA Equity, Zoe Angus responded in a recent media release  “while MEAA accepts that steps are needed to be taken to rid the VET sector of fee-gouging operators and sub-standard courses, we are concerned that long-running credible courses will be abandoned in the name of efficiency and convenience….MEAA is calling on the Federal Government and to take close account of these courses’ histories and success and rather than the blanket removal of all acting diplomas, to undertake a careful review of these courses, assessing on the basis of quality and vocational atuneness, with a view to urgently reinstating proven courses to the eligibility list.”

Full media release here