This piece of work is devised or composed, meaning that it is created by the performers, myself and others who have helped contribute to the overall piece that we have decided to call Do Something Else.

do-something-else-01Devising is something that can be challenging at times. In a scripted production you start with the script and your rehearsals are spent discovering what that script has to say theatrically. With devised work you start with nothing except a series of ideas. No script, no firm grasp of how the finished piece will look, flow, or even how it will convey its story to the audience. You start with an idea and some people in a room and you just begin. This can be terrifying and at the same time it is also incredibly liberating.

The core ideas for this piece are wrapped up in the title, the idea that we as human beings are always doing something. And I am not talking about just being busy, but that being alive is doing- it is moving, thinking and feeling, imagining. The piece came out of looking at how to articulate all of these things that we do all the time.

Let us take for example a bus ride- it could be easy to say that you get on a bus and go from home to work. Whilst you are on that bus you might have a really important thought that will change your life forever or you could just look out the window. But when you break it down what you are actually doing on the bus is a series of overlapping things, these may not be active things but you are doing nonetheless.  You are:

a) Physically sitting in a seat that is in a vehicle that is moving very fast
b) Listening to a podcast
c) Passing a street that reminds you of an ex partner
d) Suddenly feeling a series of emotions that you can’t quite pinpoint or name because you have never felt them before.

do-something-else-02Do Something Else is a piece exploring how all of these things are related in some way and it is also about how we make sense of their interrelatedness. For example the podcast you are listening to or the feed that you are engaging with at that moment might determine the name you give to the feeling that you have never felt before.

Each one of us walks around every day with a universe inside our minds, this project is about trying to find ways to articulate this idea in the most exciting theatrical way. At the same time I am aware that the theatre, like any other technology or language, is also creating ways of being, seeing and articulating the human experience. So the title also refers to an attempt to make something different, to do do-something-else-03something else personally as a director. Playing with the form of theatre should not be just for the sake of playing with form but because we need to look for new forms in order to articulate the shifts in culture, society, being and doing.

The joy of devised work for me is that it allows you to work with the image and the body as the primary means of making meaning on stage, or at least elevate it to the same status as the text. It also elevates the performer to the status of creator. Both Cloé Fournier and Ryuichi Fujimura come from a dance background and Brigid Vidler is a theatre maker and sculptor. I wanted to work with people who might have a different concept of what theatre is as a physical and visual thing, so the title also refers to people doing things that are not their things.

Michael Pigott

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Do Something Else

4 – 22 October 2016

World Premiere
Devised by Michael Pigott, Cloé Fournier, Ryuichi Fujimura and Brigid Vidler

Venue: The Old 505 Theatre @ Eliza


Performances Dates, Times & Tickets

4 – 22 October 2016

Tues – Sat 8:00pm

Ticket Prices:
Adult $35.00
Concession & Preview $25.00

Transaction fees may apply


Director: Michael Pigott

Performed and Devised : Cloé Fournier
Ryuichi Fujimura
Brigid Vidler

Designed by: Katja Handt