The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant

By Rainer Werner Fassbinder

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11th Oct- 12th Nov 2016

7:30pm Tues – Sat, 5pm Sun


Venue: The Old Fitz Theatre
Theatre Company: MopHead Productions in Association with Red Line Productions

She’s fashion’s latest success and it’s about f#*?ing time. Petra Von Kant’s life is fantastic. The divorce is done, she’s as hot as she’s ever been and she’s cashed up. Her obsessive PA does everything for her, her mother’s about to bugger off on a six month holiday and her daughter has been shunted off to boarding school. Even old friends can’t bring her down. But then she meets Karin…

Directed by: Shane Bosher

With: Sara Wiseman, Taylor Ferguson, Matilda Ridgway, Eloise Snape, Judith Gibson, Mia Rorris

Stage Manager: Rebecca Poulter

Set Design: Georgia Hopkins

Costume Design: Daniel Learmont Couture

Sound Design: Alistair Wallace


Ticket Prices
$38 Adult, $33 Concession, $28 Previews & Cheap Tuesday

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