By Chris Huntly-Turner

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25 Oct – 5 Nov 2016

Tues-Sat 8pm

Dirt: 25/10, 27/10, 29/10, 1/11, 2/11, 4/11
Moonshine: 25/10, 26/10, 28/10, 3/11, 5/11


Venue: Old 505 @ Eliza St
Theatre Company: Fledgling Theatre Company

Duration: N/A

An undefeated German army rolls toward a group of Australian and British soldiers in North Africa.

One man stands with his brothers in arms, knowing he is the only one that can stop them.
Back home, a group of women find themselves staring down the barrel of austerity. Watch them find out the hard way exactly what a girl has to do to get a drink around here…

In its debut Australian production, fresh young international theatre troupe Fledgling Theatre Co premieres this new work in a unique, repertory format.

In “Dirt”, the men fight the enemies abroad; in “Moonshine” the women fight the enemies within. Watch one side of the battle or witness both struggles unfold.

Two plays, two stories, two battles, one front.


RATS stars Peter-William Jaimieson, Blake Wood, Owen Little, Matthew Clarke, Lynden Jones, Sylvia Keays and Jeremy Rodmell (Dirt), Shelley Casey, Carla Nirella and Abigail Honey (Moonshine), with Keays and Rodmell portraying common characters in both.

The creative team also includes Jason McKell (assistant director), Penny Lemon (production manager), CM Booker and Shannan Ely (production assistants), Scott Witt (fight coordinator) and Larry Kelly (lighting design).

Fledgling Theatre Company comprises a group of actors, writers, musicians and directors in two ensembles based in London and Sydney. Its directors – Callum Cameron, Chris Huntly-Turner, Christopher Neels and Patrick Holt – all graduated from London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. Rats is the fourth new work produced by the company and its first in Australia.

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