Wayne Tunks‘ latest production may very well be one of his best. Fag Boy & The Married Guy runs for under an hour but it packs a punch. We start the play with an anxious Will (Billie Scott) awaiting the arrival of Alex (Stephen Mahy) , having hooked up on a social media site. The twists and turns that follow are sometimes predictable and sometimes surprising but they will keep you engaged to the end.

14424028_10154585585196834_317832517_oI am not going to give away any of the plot or story line but the show deals with more than just the perils of social media driven ‘hook-ups’ but has a strong message about bullying and shaming.

Stephen Mahy and Billie Scott both shine in this production. Characters are well defined and neither slip into caricature. Wayne Tunks (director and writer) has kept the show tight and it moves along at a suitably brisk pace.

Set design was simple and effective. An essential quality in a show that has to bump out quickly after every performance.

The Fringe is over and Tunk’s play has closed now but I am sure art will be back. Keep an eye out for it.

Lynden Jones – Theatre Now & Talking Arts