Michael McStay

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27 Sept – 8 Oct 2016

Tue – Sat 9:30pm, Sunday 7:30


Venue: Old Fitzroy Theatre (Late Show)
Theatre Company: The Hermetic Theatre Company

Duration: Approx. 55 min

A loose morality play.

A group of women weave the strange story of a girl who, for the first time in her life, ventures outside to experience the world and its cruelty.

See what happens when purity is corrupted, as the odyssey of growing up turns from a dream in to a nightmare.

From the creative mind that brought you Bright those Claws that mar the Flesh earlier this year, McStay returns to the Late Show stage with his new work Threnody.

Written and Directed by Michael McStay

Starring: Zoe Jensen, Josephine Starte, Lauren Richardson, Charlie Devenport, Georgia Wilde and Alex Malone.

Produced by Emma Diaz.


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