Well it’s come to that time of the Fringe, where it must come to an end.

And what better way to end it with a classic. A G.B.S (George Bernard Shaw) and the classic Arms and the Man a.k.a The Chocolate Soldier, fits the bill in this adaption directed superbly by Linda Beattie.

Set during the Serbo-Bulgarian war of 1885, Shaw’s story makes a love triangle of Bluntschli (Amrik Tumber) a war-weary Swiss mercenary, Raina (Jodine Muir) the daughter of a military family, and Raina’s beau Saranoff (Will Reilly)a thrusting junior cavalry officer.

Add to the mix an eccentric Father (Ross Scott), a Mother (Denise Kitching) whom at first can only see the light through indulgence and a house maid (Angeline Andrews)that may not be all she seems, being chased by the butler (Nicholas Gledhill) in dual roles, to no avail.

Arms and the Man is one of Shaw’s most popular plays. Though it was written in 1894, its theme is highly contemporary. A gentle but firm satire, Arms and the Man lampoons romantic notions of love and warn, is quite relevant in today’s harsh world.
All hit the mark with precision and subtlety to keep us in the period but also draw from within it’s sub text to capture Shaw’s engrossing words

The set was simple yet elegant and the costumes deserved a reward themselves. A lovely production for a timeless piece. Highly recommended classic viewing, sadly the show has finished.

T.P.Donaldson – Thetre Now & Talking Arts