Pedal.Pedal is part of a two piece presentation by House of Sand featuring Eliza Sanders. The director’s notes refer to Eliza’s work being “abstract, illogical and elizasanders_pedal-130some would say weird… these works require an undisciplined, wondering focus..”. I think this is a very good summary of the work. Pedal.Pedal used a lot of word, gesture and sound association as it core, especially in the early section, with took us on an interesting meandering journey. I found at times I enjoyed the journey and the visual and sound experience and at others I was lost and baffled. This is often the case for me in works of this type and I expect it is expected from such work. Around the mid point there was a lovely physicalisation exposing the movement of body and costume. It was the latter section where I became disengaged.

2015elizasanders_pedalpeddleql2000_48Sanders uses her body and voice to great effect and using only a small mirror, a suitcase and two suspended ropes peppered with clothes pegs she led us down her imaginative path. At times the body as a physicalization of the sound at other times the sound or physicality was incongruous. At other times it was only sound or physicality. There was a superficial randomness to the performance that at times indicated something deeper and at other times the meaning or inspirations were seemingly not present – it was the searching for meaning and narrative that was my problem.

Overall this is an interesting exploration that will leave some audiences satiated and others feeling left out. Lock away your narrative yearnings and take the journey, letting your associative logic loose.

Lynden Jones – Theatre Now & Talking Arts

Tuesday 20 September 2016Start Time: 7:00pm
Thursday 22 September 2016Start Time: 7:00pm
Saturday 24 September 2016Start Time: 6:00pm

45 m

Old 505 Theatre
5 Eliza St