Have you ever loved coffee? I mean really loved it. The sight, the smell, the aromatic taste explosion as the liquid tilts on your tongue, silkily slides around your mouth, soothing your senses before exploding through your body?

Are you a latte with a twist of orange? A short black or a Kopi susu, eggnog latte, with extra foam and a drinking temperature of 155 degrees?

love-loss-and-lattes-hoop-2-brig-bee-photosCatherine Wait knows what she is and explores it with style, panache, humour and an incredible amount of skill in her show Love, Loss and Lattes. The brain child of Marrissa Yeo and Emma Goh. LLL uses physical theatre to explore the journey of Waits, AKA ‘Missy’s’  life and her connection to ‘The perfect cup.’

Co-Director Emma Serjeant and Missy have done a wonderful job in utilising incredible physical theatre and circus skills to weave the story: Do we control coffee or does coffee control us?

Music selections from The scent of Love by Michael Nyman, Floe by Philip Glass and Cigarettes and Coffee by Otis Reading transport the story telling and provide the cream that weaves through the emotional and physical journey of Missy’s coffee exploration.What life choices will be made based on a sip? Study? Travel? To love or love-loss-and-lattes-pole-brig-bee-photoslet go?  Tiny vignettes are established. Bite sized and palatable, they are slowly sipped by the audience, (just like the coffee she adores.)

Although the piece is primarily a silent story, the physical components are incredibly skilful. The suspended hoop routine, pole work and silk work are both impressive and breathtaking. No cliches here. Missy’s artistry is never in question. She displays strength, grace and flexibility. The woman is even charismatic picking up papers! A captivating smile and a tiny sip from a mug begin our transportation and from there a 45 minute show quickly zooms by.

If is Missy’s first solo show…. what a wonderful career awaits.

Lee Anderson – Theatre Now and Talking Arts

Tuesday 13 September 2016 Start Time: 7:00pm
Wednesday 14 September 2016 Start Time: 7:00pm
Thursday 15 September 2016 Start Time: 7:00pm
Friday 16 September 2016 Start Time: 7:00pm
Saturday 17 September 2016 Start Time: 7:00pm


1 h 0 m


Seymour Centre – Reginald Theatre 

Cnr Cleveland Street and City Road