One potato, two potatoes, three potatoes more,
Jay Laga’aia’s Family Time will leave you wanting more!

School holiday’s this September for the little ones will be in super safe entertainment hands with children’s favourite television and live entertainer, Jay Laga’aia. Monkey Baa Theatre Company presents Jay’s new live performance, Family Time at Lendlease Theatre, Darling Harbour.

Developed by Jay Laga’aia, a long-time advocate of children’s education and play, Family Time is designed to celebrate the power of play for both adults and children alike. Jay says; “I believe that if we encourage our children to use the powers of their imagination, it allows them to think outside the box and takes them on amazing adventures without ever leaving their back yards. I sing tradi-tional nursery rhymes and invite the dads to stand up and help with the actions. They’re always reluctant at first so I encourage the mums to give the dads THAT LOOK! Ha! It seems to motivate them!”

jay-with-guitarAimed at the 3+ audience, Jay says Family Time gives his entire audience the opportunity to ex-plore their imagination. “I believe my shows should be like dinner time where you have one con-versation with the adults and a completely separate conversation with the children at the same time. Children will always stay in the moment so you can keep them engaged simply by making eye contact when you talk to them. I tend to add comments specifically targeted at the parents when I move through the set. Normally the comment is to elaborate on the obvious which the parents always find amusing and is designed to acknowledge that we’re all there for the kids.”

Jay says he will take the audience through a journey to back and beyond; through your backyard, jungles and to outer space. “Family Time, utilises all my performance skills, storytelling, mime, mu-sical instruments, comedy, magic and the power of suggestion; all neatly wrapped up in a 50 minute adventure. Mums and dads are normally roped into the live performance, which allows them to also take ownership of the show.”

One of the most wonderful additions to the program is the ‘Relaxed Performance’. Taking place on Thursday 29th September at 12:30pm, this performance is designed for children with additional needs. The house lights are dimmed but left on, the doors are left open so families can come and go as they please and jarring noise is minimised by monitoring volume to avoid startling the children. These performances allow children and their families to still engage in the performance but they’re not confined by the usual theatre restrictions. This is a particular passion for Jay. “I have been lucky enough to participate in relaxed performances with Wicked the Musical and Disney’s The Lion King. We tend to forget that, as adults, we know how to conduct ourselves in a theatre setting while children don’t. I encourage parents to allow their child to interpret the show in any way they feel. Most stand and dance, some wander around while others are mesmerised by the whole spectacle. In whatever capacity the children experience the show, it’s always a blessing to see kids of all walks and abilities taking this musical journey and spending some ‘Family Time’ with me.”

I can speak from experience that if you want your children to engage and interact with a performance, then anything Jay Laga’aia does is going to fit the bill. The fact this is a brand new show re-lease is exciting and parents, be prepared, you’ll be bopping along with Jay’s ukulele before you know it!

Tuesday 27th September – 10:30am and 12.30pm
Wednesday 28th September – 10.30am and 12.30pm
Thursday 29th September – 10.30am and 12.30pm
Friday 30th September – 10.30am and 12.30pm
Saturday 1st October – 12.30pm and 2.30pm

DURATION: 50 minutes

Ticket Prices
Relaxed: $17.00
Adult $29.00 per ticket
Child $29.00 per ticket
Family of 4 $104.00
Family of 5 $125.00
Groups 10+ $25.00 per ticket
No booking or transaction fees apply.

Family Time

Jay Laga’aia

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27 Sept – 1 Oct 2016

Tue – Fri 10:30am & 12:30pm

Sat 12:30pm & 2:30pm


Venue: Lendlease Theatre, Darling Harbour

Theatre Company: a Jay Laga’aia production with Monkey Baa Theatre Company

Duration: Approx. 50 min