To be an improviser is brave. For it to be successful, the stars need to align.

It’s a skill that develops over time. It requires attention, practise and that intangible ‘it’ factor. What is great in one practise as a ‘lone troupe’ may not ever surface or be seen by the general public. Humour is so subjective. An audience can love you one minute and be ready to leave the next. And if you are trying to develop your own style as well as games ( The Upper Crass Theatre has created a new game they call ‘Riffing,’ ) You really need to ‘bring it.’

In terms of creativity, spontaneity and courage I would say Naughty, Stupid, Sexy is a solid show. All performers have to have a certain amount of madness in them in order to improvise well. The troupe are clearly in tune with each others strengths and jump into the story telling with the ease and abandon we would expect when paying to see a long form improvised show. There were aliens, water shortages, thrown chairs, face licking, twists and turns punctuated by the occasional ‘almost -kiss’ ….  the usual. What some would call a Saturday night really.

There were also some dips. Humour is a seductive mistress and it is hard, in the moment, to stay focused and not congratulate yourself for being funny. Fortunately, these moments didn’t last long and at times, the crack in characterisation, did more to rally the audience to their aid with laughter and applause.

Did they make me laugh? Yes

Were they worth seeing? Absolutely.

I will be very excited to see where this group of actors travels to and what they create in the future.

Lee Anderson – Talking Arts