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Friday 9 September 8:30pm
Saturday 10 September 8:30pm

1 h 15 m

Erskineville Town Hall – MAIN HALL
104 Erskineville Road
NSW 2043

Modern CoilA new Australian play by award winning director James Hartley, “This Modern Coil” is about the relationship between imagination and reality and how they are not in opposition to one another but simply two sides of the same coin. It draws from works like “Waiting For Godot”, “Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Dead”, “Hamlet”, “The Graduate”, as well as David Bohm’s “Unfolding Meaning”, the graphic novel series “Promethea” and “Sandman”, and the video game “Bioshock Infinite”.

Zachary and Booker are two soldiers in an unknown land fighting in an unknown war when they find themselves trapped in a minefield. They realise that in order to survive their surroundings they first need to survive each other. They engage in battles of wit, debates, insults, before revealing long kept secrets and eventually exploring the nature of reality, imagination, and parallel universes.