Budgie Smugglers of the Murrumbidgee

By Wayne Guy

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20 – 24 Sept 2016

Tuesday to Saturday @ 7:30 pm
Saturday Matinee @ 2 pm


Venue: King Street Theatre
Presented by: Orange Fence Productions in Association with EMU Productions.

Harry Macarthur has worked hard all of his life. Since his wife died he has lived alone in a big house with a big backyard and a big shed. Today is his 70th birthday, and he’s invited his neglectful offspring around for a barbecue. Harry’s son and daughter are clearly more interested in their future plans for the property than in their father’s birthday… but things are not quite what they appear to be.

This is a rollicking comedy about life, greed, family and second chances.

A note from the author: “Budgie Smugglers of the Murrumbidgee is a confronting, semi-autobiographical dramatic work of significant historical, environmental and multicultural relevance, which I wrote on the back of a placemat at the Maccas on Mamre Road on a wet Tuesday morning. I had a bugger of a cold so I thought, well why not? I haven’t had a single sickie this month. At the risk of sounding immodest, I take a great deal of personal satisfaction in knowing that in the entire history of Australian theatre, there is no other play with this title. I also took great care to choose a relatively short and renewable title so as not to contribute to climate change or the destruction of the native habitat of the Peruvian Monkey Frog. Bringing my script to life in a theatre is going to be an exciting challenge for everyone involved, not least because of the pickle stains.” WG

You love to hate them. They will intrude on your privacy. They know nothing. They know too much. And after the food, the laughs, the unnecessary and trivial arguments and the goodbyes that take 2 bloody hours, you can go home and forget about the next family get-together until Christmas. But time is running out. Life is a short and precious thing, and we can sometimes loose sight of that.

‘Budgie Smugglers of the Murrumbidgee’ is a play about the Modern Family. When we are brainwashed to believe happiness comes from money and ‘making a connection’ comes from staring at your mobile phone.

The show has a diverse cast, who have brought so many of their own life experiences to the narrative. It’s a pleasure to work with such a talented, dedicated and funny group of people.

Writer: Wayne Guy
Director and Costume Designer: Jade Alex
Set Deigner: Derrick Cox

Presented by Orange Fence Productions in Association with EMU Productions.


Ticket Prices
Adults $ 35 Concession $ 25 Groups 10 + $ 25