It’s hard to forget David Brent fron The Office. I know I’ve worked with his role model a few times. He launched Ricky Gervais from nowhere into international stardom. And he made watching someone scratch a blackboard bearable.

Well, he’s back. Bolder, brassier and ballsing it up better than ever before.

Brent is still working in sales, selling toiletries and tampons. But he has a plan to put together a band, Foregone Conclusion, and go on a tour around Greater London, and wait for fame and fortune. This is all about his ‘life on the road’.

If you’re like me, you would have groaned as soon as soon as you saw the poster. I loved The Office but struggled to watch more than an episode at a time. It’s cringe comedy and ‘excruciating’ is a word that is often repeated here. And it doesn’t seem like Brent has learnt a thing in the last decade.

Which is fine, as we get to laugh at this talking twat on stumpy legs all over again. He doesn’t have the arrogant bravado of an office manager this time, so his brave smile and annoying laugh work overtime. Gervais also reveals some of Brent’s fragility and makes him a little more human this time. Whether it’s a human you want to spend any time with, is another matter.

There is a point where you feel sorry for him. In fact, there’s many. He has to pay the band to drink with him, they find him so excruciating (their words, not mine) and when you hear the lyrics he writes, you can understand why. His Christmas song wont threaten Bing’s, but it will bring a tear to your eye.

The supporting cast are all real and Gervais keeps this in the same reality spirit as The Office, rather than Spinal Tap – which is a pity. The songs could have been funnier. This is more of a long tv episode than a movie but it’s a very funny one. He does try and jam in some insights about modern day offices and how it’s better to chase dreams than not at all – but it comes rather late. By then you’ve had a few chuckles.

This is for fans only.

Con’s Score: 3.5 t-shirt launchers.

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