David Mamet’s world of deception and double-dealing is an all too familiar setting , however, this production takes an interesting slant on the genre.

Swiftly paced, the show moves along like clockwork with scene transitions  between the office of Dr Margaret Ford (Katherine Shearer) and the House of Games that all dovetail seamlessly. These are soundly executed by the cast and Stage Manager on John Cervenka’s cleverly designed set.

Louise Fischer’s slick direction engages us from the start and develops a slow burn that builds to the play’s climax.

While there were some inconsistencies in performances, the well-chosen collective of actors all use their own unique talents in bringing  Mamet’s characters to life.

House Of Games runs at the New Theatre until 10th September

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House Of Games

9 Aug – 10 Sep 2016

Based On The Screenplay By David Mamet,
Stage Version By Richard Bean