Reflections Of A Cause

By Sage Godrei

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7th September 9.00pm
Thursday 8th September 9.00pm
Friday 9th September 9.00pm
Saturday 10th September 9.00pm


Venue: The Depot Theatre
Theatre Company: On the Cusp Productions

How important are the decisions we make in our youth and what impact do they have on our future? If you can’t find the answers to reality’s questions in life look to some naturalist theatre. REFLECTIONS OF A CAUSE is the second theatre show written by ambitious and insightful Sydney playwright Sage Godrei. Through a fractured narrative the story follows the lives of Johan and Ellie who meet as 14 year old teenagers in their home town Yackadandah. Using the fly on the wall technique the audience jumps between pivotal moments in their lives as a playful, young 14 year old couple in 1994 and as a seasoned 35 year old married couple in 2015. Sage Godrei pulls out the microscope to investigate whether life’s obstacles will take a toll on Ellie and Johan’s relationship, although they have been together since they were 14. REFLECTIONS OF A CAUSE questions Free Will, and the formal causes that effect our decision making processes such as family upbringing and cultural influences. The audience are offered the ability to be part of intimate moments in Ellie’s and Johan’s life through this experimental narrative structure. Human follies of broken dreams, substance abuse and the need to feel in control of the unknown are put under the lens.

Sage Godrei says “Being part of this year’s Sydney Fringe Festival is very exciting, as our stellar cast get to perform at The Depot Theatre, Marrickville which has a wonderful reputation for supporting fringe theatre. I’m also edging to see how this experimental narrative structure coupled with thought-provoking content will be received by critics and audience.”

On the Cusp Productions REFLECTIONS OF A CAUSE will be produced using an abstract minimalist set, projections and sound-effects. Themes about identity creation, east meets west orientalism and the similarities between karma and cause and effect are discussed through this hour long, original Australian stage play.

Directed by Joy Roberts
Cast: Chris Miller, Emma Dalton, Anthony Yangoyan, Ben Hanly, Ivan Chew, Macushla Cross

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