On Ballet…

Lauren Songberg
bb56c2a1-b08e-4713-8324-c964874cb17d“Exhilarating, liberating, emotional, rewarding and beautiful.”

“It is hard to describe in words, but the feeling I get when I listen to the music, makes me want to dance. The feeling is indescribable, and when I dance, I feel alive.”


George Susman
d907f0bf-9f47-46ec-8c65-3823eea419b8“Expression, movement, musicality, strength, elegance.”

“I love Ballet because I’ve always been a creative person and ballet is a perfect outlet for that creativity. I also love the feeling of working hard, getting better and seeing improvements in your dancing; there is a sense of satisfaction that comes with waking up with aching muscles.”

Makensie Henson
a00a4cf0-a09e-44ca-b4ec-94c48ddfeb53“Happiness, Elegance, Dedication, Passionate, Rewarding”

“Ballet is what I am meant to do. I feel I can express myself through the movement and storytelling aspect of ballet more than I can through any other medium.”


Lania Atkins
8264e9d0-fb15-4b66-8de6-9abd475b2f27“Athletic, elegant, artistic, beautiful, striking.”

“I love ballet because it gives me a sense of freedom to express and move. It makes every day interesting because you know that it is going to be different in the way you move and feel. ”


Joshua Jack Price
20338dd5-8a21-4e31-9aa4-c0d613a209d6“Expressive, challenging, inspiring, artistic, passionate.”

Ballet is a place where I can be myself without judgement of who I am as a person. It’s a challenge but it allows me to explore my feelings and emotions, while still keeping fit!


Tyla Steinbach
0ca4dbc6-f4e9-463a-bb92-bbedd21748aa“Dedication, happiness, passion, emotions, artistry.”

“One of the aspects that I love about ballet is that you have to work hard in order to achieve, you can’t just depend on talent. I love having goals and challenges that I can work towards and I enjoy the feeling when you achieve these. I also love the freedom that ballet gives me, as I can speak with my body and it allows me to express myself in a way that some people can’t. I love that ballet allows me to shown my emotions and portray different characters through movements and it gives me the ability to connect to people and transport them to another world.”

Luke Dimattina
bd01407b-f6dd-483b-9a46-42cdb4b27a80“Strong, beautiful, challenging, elegant and impressive.”

I believe ballet is the foundation for dance technique and is needed to reach higher levels of skill in other dance forms. I love the symmetry and balance of the form and it’s organised structure. I love the way ballet looks when it is performed to such an accomplished level and wanting to become a dancer like that inspires me to continue to work hard at it. I also love doing pirouettes.

Natalie Taylor
5a9728ef-ca23-45c9-9ffa-1f82d61196b7“Art, expressive, artistic, masterpiece, bliss, a unique sensation.”

“Just to be able to live so many lives onstage. You get to portray so many stories and so many emotions – to be in love, or to die, sorrow, fear, joy, betrayal… and to be able to do all of that through the movement, release and line of your body combined with my passion for music, it is really an indescribable feeling.”

Final 5:30pm Sunday 14 August – Sydney Opera House