Grace Wilkinson is presenting her exhibition at the TAP:

Loneliness, Love & more

Exhibition running from the 8th until the 21st of August.

Opening night & drinks with the artist on Saturday 13th of August, from 6 to 8 pm.

Grace was born in Muswellbrook, NSW, but she moved to Greece as a child, where she studied art.

Art is her way to express herself, her feelings and ideals. Grace believes in love, with the general meaning of agape, life can be hard and we should support each other in this journey.

In her artwork, Grace likes to do different styles, from details to just a few strokes, black and white or colours. She loves to do figures, as a quick way to show how she feels, as that’s the most important for her. Mostly she paints people, to show the emotions and thoughts, in her life, as time goes by…