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12 – 20 August 2016

Concept By Karen Therese


Bringing together artists, human rights activists, lawyers and outlaws, Tribunal is an ambitious new theatre work by Western Sydney’s Powerhouse Youth Theatre. In this participatory performance project, an Australian Truth and Reconciliation Tribunal will be created to interrogate and explore notions of truth and lies around the politically contentious labels of refugee and asylum-seeker.

Each night, presenters will offer provocations, thoughts and experiences in a curated conversation on issues which directly affect the community of Western Sydney – their perspectives, aspirations and connections to culture.

You, the audience, are given the choice to actively participate; to respond, to question and to listen. Your responses have the potential to shift the performed conversation and ultimately affect the outcome of Tribunal. Or, you may choose instead to observe as the discussion unfolds before you.

The conversation for Tribunal has been instigated by Karen Therese, a 2015 Griffin Studio Artist, and Artistic Director of Powerhouse Youth Theatre (PYT). PYT creates innovative performance and social artistic experiences.

A Powerhouse Youth Theatre production, co-presented by Powerhouse Youth Theatre and Griffin Theatre Company


Venue: SBW Stables Theatre

Theatre Company/Produced by: Powerhouse Youth Theatre and Griffin Theatre Company


Performances Dates, Times & Tickets

12 – 20 August 2016

Wed – Sun 7pm

Ticket Prices:
Adult $30
Concession, Senior, Preview, Groups 8+ $30
Under 30 $30

Transaction fees of $4 for online bookings and $5 for phone bookings apply.

Duration: N/A



With: Karen Therese, Victoria Spence, Sean Bacon, Mahdi Mohammadi, Paul Dwyer, Joe Tan plus special guest presenters.