Concept by Julia Patey & Scarlett Waters
Written by Julia Patey

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10 – 20 August 2016

Wed-Sat 7PM
Sun 5PM


Venue: ATYP Theatre
Theatre Company: We Make Theatre

“And that’s it.
That’s the moment I realise.
Never again is it gonna be like before.”

Somewhere, on the edge of a universe, an Astronaut hesitates for a moment too long.

Half a world away, a familiar patch of earth begins to shrink, a whispered argument begins, and a best friend is discovered missing.

Moonchild’s mission is clear. And liftoff? Imminent. But as Moonchild reaches for her destiny, her world begins to unravel…

A striking new work from playwright Julia Patey (Voices Project 2015), Moonchild is a tender celebration of friendship, courage and finding your landing gear when you’ve been pushed beyond your stratosphere.


Artistic Mentor: Paige Rattray

Cast: Julia Patey & Scarlett Waters

Producer Elise Barton
Production Design Georgia Hopkins
Sound Design Tom Hogan
Lighting Design Cameron Elkin

Ticket Prices:

Tickets $30
Earlybird $20 (until 27 July)

Transaction fees may apply