By Lucy Clements

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2 – 12 August 2016

Tues – Sat 10pm
Sun 7:30pm


Venue: Old Fitz Theatre
Theatre Company: New Ghosts Theatre

Duration: approximately 55 minutes without an interval

LATE SHOW- Presented by Poor Toms Gin and New Ghosts Theatre

“What if she’s alive, and fine, what does that make me?”

Fracture tells the story of Charlie who lives a seemingly regular life with his two housemates in a rundown Perth apartment. Their 20-something lives seem occupied by the mundane, which suits them just fine. The apartment, and their lifestyle, is repetitive/regular/routine; it’s modest, inconspicuous and safe. However, life for Charlie has not always been so simple and he will soon learn that there is only so long that he can run away from his past.


Director: Lucy Clements

Cast: Brandon McClelland, Kate Cheel, Contessa Treffone, and Tel Benjamin

Sound Designer Michael Toisuta

Ticket Prices:

All tickets $25 including booking fee.