PATIENCE is rewarding!

Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Sydney presents the long-awaited return of Patience: a timeless and hilarious musical satire on fame, fandom, art and pretension. With a healthy dose of romance!

And it all happens at Shore School in North Sydney from 30 Sept to 8 October, with preview performances in Narrabeen and Bundanoon (18 and 24 Sept respectively).

Patience may be a virtue, but in this brilliant comedy of lovesick fans, phony pop idols and macho men, Patience is also a milkmaid – a kind, straightforward country girl who is happy to call a spade a spade.

When the opera opens, twenty lovesick women are refusing the attentions of their macho soldier boyfriends in favour of the pretentious, trendy poet Bunthorne (a wicked parody of Oscar Wilde, Swinburne and other turn-of-the-20th-century ‘aesthetic poets’).

Bunthorne, in love with the simple dairymaid Mitch+Dean, reveals to her that he is a fraud; however, her temptation (against her better judgement) to fall in love – as everyone else seems to be- is interrupted by the timely arrival of a rival poet, Grosvenor – who turns out to be her childhood sweetheart!

All the ladies fall for him – of course (much to the men’s disgust) – and all hell breaks loose as the curtain falls on Act 1. With everyone apparently in love with the wrong person, the second act offers much confusion, hilarity – and romance. Ultimately, it is selflessness – as modelled by Patience – that unknots the complications.

Pretence is renounced and true love found by all – that is all except Bunthorne himself. Everyone is matched up… but “nobody is Bunthorne’s bride!”

Kate+AmyOne of Gilbert and Sullivan’s most popular operettas, Patience ran to almost 600 straight performances on the West End, only rivalled among their 16 Savoy Operas by The Mikado.
Its brilliant satire of insane pop fandom, pretentiousness in art, machismo and the trendy love of all things pastoral is as cutting and apt today as ever!

GSO Sydney bring this wonderful classic back to the Sydney stage with a talented young cast and all the freshness its timeless themes demand.

Directed by Elizabeth Lowrencev, with musical director Rod Mounjed, Patience stars Bregitte Lahood and Samanta Lestavel alternating in the title roles, Dean Sinclair as Bunthorne, Mitch Bryson as Grosvenor, Rebecca Hart as Lady Jane, Ella Arundelle as Lady Angela, Suzanne Chin and Kate Phillips as Lady Saphir, Amy Balales and Sarah Prestwidge as Lady Ella, Anthony Mason as the Colonel, Matt Cobb-Clark and Andrew Stark as the Major and Spencer Darby as the Duke of Dunstable. Plus a large chorus and full orchestra!

PATIENCE plays Friday-Sunday from 30 September to 8 October at Shore School North Sydney. Plus preview performances (piano accompanied) 18 Sept 2pm at Narrabeen’s Montgomery Pavilion Theatre and 24 Sept at 2pm and 7.30pm at the Soldiers Memorial Hall Bundanoon.

Patience is rewarding. Don’t miss it!