The Ham Funeral

By Patrick White

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26-30th July 2016

Tue – Sat 7:30pm


Venue: PACT Theatre
Theatre Company: Sibils Collective

Young Man: Tell me, Mrs. Lusty, are there any relatives?
Landlady: At least twenty-six.
Young Man: They must be brought, of course.
Landlady: Why?
Young Man: Why? Because…why, to eat the ham.
Landlady: Ah, the ‘am.

A Young Man feels trapped in his lodging house bedroom; unable to articulate what it is he wants to say and failing to understand how to DO.

When his Landlord dies unexpectedly he is forced to help the new widow by fetching the Relatives for the funeral; to eat the ham and to say the neat, consoling things people do say on such occasions.

The Ham Funeral explores how art and life are inextricably linked and reminds us you must do to be and engage to create.


Director: Ariella Stoian

Cast: Mitchell Why, Penny Day, Lynden Jones, Sonya Kerr, Dominica Nicholls, Ben Gageler, Chris Mckay, Emily Burke, Madeline Clouston

Set Designer Phillip Rowe
Costume Designer Azure Schofield
Stage Manager Kate Gogolewski
Original music Hence Therefore
Photography Stephen Godfrey

Ticket Prices:

$19.99 – A$25

Transaction fees may apply