Anna (Juliet Binochete) is grieving over the untimely death of her son. And his French girlfriend, Jeanne, (Lou de Laâge) has flown in unexpectedly, on his request and doesn’t know. Anna is waiting for the right moment to tell her, and she’s too grief-struck to tell her quickly, then gives her false hope. And herein lies ‘the wait’.

thewait.hero_Like Anna, this movie doesn’t move too fast, but it doesn’t have to. The imagery is beautiful and it’s amazing how much is explained without many words. The dialogue is sparse, which allows these two actresses to communicate everso subtly. The best scenes have the least dialogue. Director Piero Messina has a great eye.

Binochet is so easy to watch. You don’t need tears to see how torn she is inside, and why she keeps Jeanne around. de Laâge is lush with life, and even housekeeper Pietro (Giorgio Colangeli) doesn’t need to twitch a grey hair to let you know what he’s thinking.

This is a movie about those silences. That space between the lines; between question and answer; between hope and desire… between truth and deception. It’s slow and symbolic, and to stake a whole film on grief, is a risk only Europeans would take… and only they could make it look so good.

Con’s Score: 3.5 hushed tones.