This spawned the most hated trailer on YouTube of all time because they used wimmin, which makes you wonder what century we’re in. Then again, it’s been 30 years since this reboot.

3093047-gb2The original Ghostbusters was essentially a ghost story, with some great comedians, special FX and a catchy song. This version tries the same formula but doesn’t follow it slavishly. In fact, with all the cameos and references to the first, it’s virtually a tribute film.

Kristen Wig plays Erin Gilbert, a physics lecturer who loses her tenure as a lecturer due to her past association with Abby Yates (Mellisa Mcarthy) who is still trying to prove the paranormal with new friend Jillian Holtzmann(Kate McKinnon), a very random, geeky, genius who builds their weapons. And they’re joined by himbo, Kevin (Chris Hemsworth) as their receptionist, and Patti Tolan (Leslie Jones) who quits her job after an encounter. You know the story – the city is being over run by ghosts and no one knows how to catch them, other than … The Ghostbusters!

ghostbusters-full-new-imgDon’t try looking for all the parrallel characters. There is no Bill Murray equivalent -although he has a cameo – or Sigourney Weaver love interest, who also makes an appearance. In fact, you’re better off looking for cameos as they’re in abundance, right down to a bust of Harold Ramis RIP.

You should also look for some local landmarks, as it was funded by the AFC and Film Victoria. Go figure.

It’s difficult to compare this to the original, which wasn’t able to produce a decent sequel. They could have used better script writers, as the comic talent is under utilised. Patti is pure caricature, and villain (Neil Casey) wouldn’t scare a kitten. The gals are all very good, although McKinnon varies between clunky and scene-stealing brilliant, while Hemsworth has a fun time. But they could have gone so much further. Writer/director Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) wimps in his writing and direction, although Dan Akroyd is a producer, so he must have approved. Oh, he also has a cameo.

The effects stay true, although they are more inventive in places. The 3-D works in some places, but isn’t that important. Where the original drew humour from a geeks out-of-depth comedy, led by the wise-cracking Murray, this is more of a fun four-geek-buddy movie.

It’s still a rollicking good film though. It lacks the sharpness and classic lines of the original, but for mindless, silly laughs, who are you gonna call?

Con’s Score: 3 Giant Marshmellow Men

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