I have the current theatre website and a new lifestyle website so looking for a few types of contributors.



I am looking for some support reviewers. Primarily they would be reviewing independent productions and there could potentially be main stage, depending on demand.


To jump straight into reviewing I would like to see either some published reviews or ask for some reviews on recently seen productions.

If no experience then I would be looking to try an internship process where the candidate attended some shows with myself or Alana and discussed it afterwards (thoughts about the play and what one would write up). The next step would be for the intern to attend and then submit a review without discussion and build from there. The important thing is not to have the same opinion as me but to have a good feel for the quality of the production and communicate the reviewer’s impressions. I am not looking for reviewers who simply say everything is great. I want to build a reputation. A recommendation from Theatre Now must carry some weight. Overall aim is to be positive/constructive while conveying an honest appraisal.

Preference is for the reviewers to not be currently acting or directing as I feel there is a small conflict of interest or a danger of ‘self-preservation’ when honestly discussing reviews. This is not a deal breaker and will consider all applications.



Looking for people to conduct email, telephone and/or face-to-face interviews. The opportunities will vary depending on the particular interview circumstances. Some face-to-Face interviews will be to camera, or asking questions off camera to interviewees on camera. Willing to work with each interviewer on their preferred method. The interviewees may be actors, writers, directors or creatives from all aspects of the industry. Sometimes it is a main stream production, often a media call of a large musical. Recently I interviewed some students participating in the Schools Spectacular.

Contributors – Theatre Now

Looking for people interested in the arts wishing to create new content. This may take the form of articles about funding cuts, women in theatre, new venues, acting techniques. There is no limit to the subject matter. It can relate to theatre, art, sculpture… the limit is that it relates to ‘the arts’.


Contributors – On The Town

Later in the year there are plans to launch a new lifestyle website. The Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts are operating and to build a following, I am looking to start adding contributions through these social media platforms.

Looking for contributors on Food, fashion, books, movies. The contribution can take the form of

  • Product, cafe, restaurant, bar reviews*
  • Top five venues for a product (eg top five doughnut venues in Sydney, Top Five martinis in Sydney, top five fashion outlets)*
  • Photos and a couple of sentences of product or venue experiences
  • Articles/coverage on latest trends, festivals, events

* We are only starting to build an audience so I do not want people asking for free meals or products to review as we do not have enough traffic yet to justify it. The reputation of the website as a legitimate site is essential and there is to be no misrepresentation of the goals. You can approach venues about doing an article but must be clear that we are only starting out and are building a following. I assume that the initial set of articles will be about products that you have purchased. This will be noted at the bottom of the article. Of course if we are offered anything for free and we have made clear the circumstances, we of course, will accept and note it at the bottom of the article.





This is a website and not a blog/forum. As editor/owner, I reserve the right to ask for revisions or to choose not to publish. At this stage of the lifecycle we are unable to reimburse contributors for purchases or for contributions. In time the goal of the site will be to reimburse regular contributors for their articles.