Cristina in the Cupboard

By Paul Gilchrist

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13 – 30 July 2016

Wed – Sat 8:00pm
Sun 5:00pm


Venue: Depot Theatre
Theatre Company: Depot Theatre

Duration: N/A

Originally produced by subtlenuance at the Tap Gallery in 2013, this work by critically acclaimed writer director Paul Gilchrist is the story of an unusual retreat, and a remarkable victory. Playful and provocative, Cristina in the Cupboard  tells of one woman’s quest to live life entirely on her own terms. Join Cristina on a breathtaking inner journey, as she navigates illusion, weathers dismay, and discovers wonder.

“The script is poignant and beautiful….Cristina in the Cupboard is a timeless work that speaks with intellectual and emotional clarity, and should be staged every place there is a thinking audience.” SUZY GOES SEE

“Gilchrist’s text is a rich and frequently humorous one….” JASON BLAKE (from the SMH)

“A surprise joy…As an audience member I entered a little theatrical cupboard, and left with a feeling of being part of the grand magic of theatre.” SYDNEY ARTS GUIDE

“Insightful and evocative writing;…it is often side-splittingly funny.”


“Gilchrist has done a deft job…As an experiment in comic magic realism it certainly serves its purpose.”

“Both deeply fascinating and profoundly troubling. For the eighty five minutes of the show, I found myself mesmerised.” THEATRE FROM THE BACK SEAT


Director: Julie Baz

Cast: Nyssa Hamilton, Teale Howie, David Jeffrey, Emily McGowan, Tasha O’Brien, Sarah Plummer, Lucy Quill and Rachael Williams

Assistant Director Lillian Silk
Designer David Jeffrey

Ticket Prices:

Adults $32
Concession $27
Groups 10+ $27
Wednesdays $22
School Students $22
Previews $22
Teachers free with 10 or more student

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