Not Quite a Man About Town But Trying
Walkin’ In The Rain
8th July 2016

So my rehearsal got cancelled at the last minute and I was packing up at the office heading for a quiet night at home when the email arrived.. I know you can’t make tomorrow’s opening night, would you like to see ‘Singin’ In The Rain” tonight. The stars had aligned. Sadly I have friends who have social lives, work and relationships so I could not find a plus one.. my coat got to spend the show on a chair rather than on the floor. But I did sing a little as I walked in the rain to the Lyric Theatre.

IMG_8126-1024x683What a joy. I was so luck to get the chance to see this. Alana is attending opening night tomorrow night to review it for Theatre now so I will try not to step on her toes with any sort of review.. except (sorry)….

An old fashioned movie/musical done well. Slight disappointment with “Make ’em Laugh” it was good but who could replicate Donald O’Connor’s brilliant performance of that number and when you don’t have the run up to the wall and somersault it just loses something. Jack Chambers did brilliantly through the rest of the show though, some great comic timing. Great work by all especially Grant Almiall (I am glad I got to see his performance, don’t let Adam Garcia’s absence at the beginning of the season put you off) and Gretel Scarlett.

Favourite lines
“She can’t act, she can’t sing, she can’t dance. A triple threat”

IMG_8167-1024x683“I make more money than Warner Bros… and their sisters”

“a flat” (its a situation thing)”

“People! I ain’t people. I am a shimmering, glowering star in the cinema firmament”

“Don’t call him Don! I have been calling him Don since before you were borne.. I mean.. I mean…”

“What is the first line an actor learns “The show must go on. Come rain, come shine, come sleet, the show MUST go on”

IMG_8155-1024x683Favourite moments “Good Morning”, “Moses Supposes”(an old vocal warm up of mine turned into musical tap number), Broadway Rhythm Ballet and of course ‘Singin’ In The Rain’ and the big finale.

A magical moment of film becomes an even more magical moment on stage. This is not drizzle on stage – it is pouring down and they try there best to get most of the front three rows a little wet (you get a poncho). Go See.

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